Who is Kamala Harris ? will she be acting president of USA ?

Kamala Harris is nominee of Vice president in 2020 US presidential election. She has been nominated by Democratic party. US president nominee from Democratic party is Joe biden. Kamala HarrisBut you can, she will be the president of us in other context that we will discuss below. Joe Biden and Kamala HarrisIf joe biden win ,kamala will vice president of us. There is a big reason behinde nomination of kamala harris as vice president by Democrats. Kamala is an indian african american. Her father was a African American and her mother was indian . Vote percentage of African American approx 13.4% in us. Biden want to use this vote share completely towards him. Kamala Harris previously served as the District Attorney of San Francisco, Attorney General of California. Her mom and dadIf president of us is not pro active then whole powers shift to vice president. So it plays a vital role in us. Eg — Dick Cheney is the best example of it. He was president under George Bush. That time Bush was not a…

Highest civilian award of Republic of India, Bharat Ratna.

BHARAT RATNA is the highest civilian award of the Republic of India . The award was originally limited to achievements in arts, literature, science, and public service but it was expanded to include “ any field of human endeavour “ in December 2011 by indian government. pic source - google Every country has its highest civilian award--- :::Russia —Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle:: The United States of America— Presidential Medal of Freedom::United Kingdom— The George cross:: Pakistan— Nishan-e-Pakistan:: France — National Order of the Legion of Honour (Ordre national de la L├ęgion d’honneur):: Japan— Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising sunAbout this award —1–The medallion is cast in Bronze.2-The medallion is designed like the leaf of pipal tree with sunburst in the centre and Bharat Ratna is engraved underneath it.3- On the backside, indian emblem of india is embossed and Satyameva Jayate is inscribed in Devanagari script.4-The medallion is worn around the neck using white ribbon.…

ZEALANDIA CONTINENT, 8th continent of the world.

What is zealandia 
It is also known as New Zealand continent. Scientists say- it is 8th continent of the earth.most of it land mass [94%] submerged beneath of the Pacific ocean.  Area of zealandia
It has  2 million-square-mile [5 million kilometers]. It is situated east of Australia amd beneath modern-day New Zealand. It's size approx 2/3rd of Australia
History of zealandia 
Scientists discovered the sprawling underwater mass in 1990s. The land mass may have been completely submerged about 23 million years ago. It was highlight in news 3 year ago because scientists gave it formal continent status. 

Why is it in  news  nowadays 

Scientists accurately mapped this submerged continent. This development is very crucial for geography as well as geology.  According to physical geography we have only 7 continents
1.      Asia -- There is 17.2 million square miles[44.6 million square kilometers] land. It is 1st on the world population list.  
2.      Africa -- There is 11.6 million square miles …

what is FOREX [foreign exchange] Reserves??

What is Forex Reserves.            It's under Central bank or other monetary authority that are primarily available to balance payments of the country. This is an external assets of the country. This is  cash and other reserve assets. It influences the foreign exchange rate of its currency and maintain confidence in financial markets. Most nations hold the vast majority of their foreign currency reserves inU.S Dollars followed by Euros.
Foreign currency reserves are crucial to a nation's economic well-being. Without enough reserves country may be unable to pay for critical imports in critical situation; such as crude oil etc.  In 1991; we had only so  forex reserves that was enough  for only 10 days imports.  Forex reserves have only four component.  *   Foreign currency Assets - Most important asset  [in amount ] is foreign currency. [like US dollars ]. Gold-  countries save gold as forex reserves in critical time of nation for imports or other needy works. Special Drawing Ri…

Does china control google,apple and twitter??

Nowadays you must have heard a news around yourself that google has removed indian made remove China apps and mitron  from play store. And twitter had removed amul twitter account.  I would like  add a more incident from Hong kong .In Hong Kong Apple also removed a application . These events point out a major question that does china control all these gaint companies??.Today we will discuss about these hot topic. So let's begin and know all the layer of this.  Firstly talks about remove china apps. It was a india made application only for android mobile .It got immensely popular in India as soon as it arrived on the Google Play Store. The remove china apps was released on 17 may on google and offered by jaipur based One Touch AppLabs . App was downloaded more than 5 million times since late may. It enabled users to detect and easily delete chinese apps. The app gained attention when anti china sentiment was at peak in our country .it's also at peak till now. The reason behind i…

Biography of social media influencer/pilot/vlogger and a Fitness trainer. #Er. Gaurav Taneja # ; # flying beast .

Now a days youtube is such platform where most of people of india spend their lot of time. Most of indian spend their mostly time on youtube for timepass and knowledge .  we have found many such outstanding heroes who have gained their place in the hearts of all of us with their skill and different style. 
Today we are going to talk about Gaurav Taneja, who is a professional pilot, bodybuilder, and a successful youtuber who has a special heart.  And always helps others, so let's know about him.  Gaurav Taneja was born on 9 July 1986 in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh.  He has completed his schooling from Kanpur local private school. He completed his college from IIT Kharagpur in Bengal.        In college days gaurav started gym and passionated about it. In 2008 gaurav completed his engineering. And his dad wanted to sent him in usa for masters. But gaurav wanted to fullfill his dream to become a pilot. So he convinced his dad for this.  He completed his studies at "North Texas Flight&…

Right wing Left wing

NDA/ NA 14 years English & General Knowledge Topic-wise Solved Papers. The political spectrum : Left centre Right  ideology has given in the picture  Origins     of        the        terms
*     From French revolution- seating arrangement of 'Estates General' in 1789.
*      Those who were pro-change /pro-revolution sat in the left. 
*       Those who were pro monarchy and pro king sat on the right. 

Who     are    the     Left  side in [FNA]
* Liberals -(those who wanted to freedom of speech abd freedom of moments; Human Rights) 
*    socialists-(Those who wanted to social justice to all  ; Equality for all) *    Democrats- (Those who believed in democracy) 
*    Communist.  (From each according to her/his ability, to each according to her/his work)
Left winger are mostly pro change in the ancient system and  old social norms.  You must  see In French revolution  king was going on whatever he wanted he used to  do.  They wanted to change that. That have been continuing till today. …

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ZEALANDIA CONTINENT, 8th continent of the world.

Biography of social media influencer/pilot/vlogger and a Fitness trainer. #Er. Gaurav Taneja # ; # flying beast .